Born Free Bottles

If you are a parent who is concerned about the alarming increase in some birth defects and developmental problems in children, you will love knowing that all Born Free bottles and products are totally made with BPA free plastics.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with BPA, or Bisphenol – A, it is a chemical compound that is found in many hard plastics. The problem (or potential problem since the FDA has been a little non committal) is that BPA can leach off of the plastic and into the food or drink.

Since many plastics contain BPA such as baby bottles and food containers, that leaching effect can cause your baby to ingest quite a bit of the chemical.

The worry is that long term exposure to BPA may lead to developmental problems. Again, no one has stood up to say that this is true, but many parents are becoming proactive nonetheless.

For that reason, three concerned fathers got together and formed the Born Free Bottles company. All the products they carry from baby bottles to sippy cups, to bottle collars and vent free systems, to sanitizers and bottle cleaners are all made of BPA free plastics.

Their bottles are not only BPA free, they are also innovative in other ways. For one thing, the bottles come with a unique vent system that helps prevent colic. Used properly (and it can be a little bit of a trick to use, but it’s not that hard) it can alleviate too much air when your baby eats.

Another great innovation is the great leak free design, which means that your baby eats the formula and doesn’t wear it. All of us who have to do the laundry are happy about that!

Born Free bottles come with 5 different levels of nipples, each of which has it’s own flow rate. That way you can change the nipples to accommodate your growing baby and their needs.

Level 1 is made for newborns up to about 3 months and has a slow flow rate. Level 2 is for 3 to 6 months and has a medium flow rate. Level 3 is for 6 plus months and has a fast flow rate. Level 4 is for 6 plus months too and has a Y cut and a fast flow rate. And level 5 is for 3 months and over and has a variable flow rate – slow, medium and fast.

No matter how old your baby is or what their unique needs are, there is likely BPA free Born Free bottles and nipples that will work great for them… and you.

Kris Siebert is a writer who specializes in products for your baby. You can check out her latest website at Born Free Bottles where she provides unbiased reviews and buying advice for a wide range of baby bottles and supplies including the
Born Free Bottles Reviews and Born Free Glass Bottles

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Free tenders India

Free Delhi Tenders India- How to apply?

Free tenders are the documents that can be filled by anyone. But as anyone can apply, you have to fill it in such a way that makes you stand apart.  It is advised to check the requirement of the tender be it Free Delhi Tenders or Chandigarh tenders and fill it with clear idea about bidding price, documentation, and your resources.

Be careful about the requirements and related paper work. Writing winning tender is not an easy task and demands support of an expert to handle this. Free tenders are originally a proposal which is created by the government to invite companies and fulfill their requirements. Such tenders are open to all and anyone can apply for it if you’re running business in the same field. As a lot of legalities are associated with it, you indeed need to write a tender that meets all criteria.

Before anything, preparing free Delhi tenders is the ability to analyze the first hand information on publishing. Explore the sources where you can access the tenders and apply. Most of the Chandigarh tenders and Delhi tenders others published on both online and offline media. Purchase magazines, newspapers, business journals, etc. to get firsthand information quickly. If you are good at surfing, then nothing could be better than this. It is the highly convenient way to track the tenders and get all details online. So, it saves your time to physically visit any department to collect the information.

If you’re not new to free tenders, you must have noticed that every tender used to have a specified format,good management and keep changes with company.  Though in every company, some features such as tender date, place, deadline, organization name, ref number, tender type, format and announcement date, last date of submission, description and pre-qualification, etc. is common. Fill out the tender with accuracy and submit it before the deadline mentioned in the tender.Your all effort will be wasted if you don’t submit it on time.

If you’re a bidding company, include your company background and previous project information in the tender document. Analyze the projects and prepare a document that exactly matches with the requirement.  Clearly mention, how you’re going to complete the project and what are the resources you have to make it successful. Better to create the document in separate sections to avoid any confusion.

To search free delhi tenders and Chandigarh tenders visit free tenders site online .

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