Building Backlinks and Your Blogsite

A few months ago, I decided to develop a blogsite and nearing its completion, I began researching how to build backlinks to increase traffic to my site. I read article after article that mentioned several ways to increase traffic to your site. Some articles further explained, what you should do and what not to do. Needless to say, I was eager to get started on this project, but failed to realize the amount of work that was involved and the tasks that I needed to complete.

Most of the articles that I read, only hinted at the amount of time that you should devote towards this ongoing project. First, I began submitting my blogsite url to search engines and directories. I was off to a good start and decided to join a couple of social networks too. I said to myself, “That was easy. I can build up an audience from my social networking blogs and include a few links to my main blog site.”

My next goal consisted of searching for forums to join. I could learn more about the social networking industry and gain some exposure conversing with other members. I joined several forums, but this is where I hit a snag. Nothing earth shattering, but a snag in my opinion is an obstacle to overcome.

When you begin to build backlinks and decide to join a forum, your main goal is to increase traffic to your site. First of all, you really should plan ahead for this project and develop a regular work routine. Also, try to stay organized and keep records of your accomplishments. Most forums are concerned with keeping spammers away and to avoid being banned from their sites, you should not overlook rules or terms of agreements. Forum administrators encourage members to interact with each other and emphasize the main purpose of their forum, including the topics that you can discuss.

Forums are great places to hang out and share ideas. They are worthwhile joining, especially if you have a great deal of leisurely time on your hands. But let’s keep in mind, your main purpose for joining a forum is to receive more traffic to your site. When I began joining forums, I learned that several forums will not allow new members to leave a signature link for their website. New members must make at least 10 or more posts to be entitled to leave a signature link.

Right now, I consider my time too valuable. I wanted to devote more time developing my main blog site. I appreciate the opportunity to network with forum members, but making 10 or more consecutive posts on a particular forum is just too time-consuming. So, I began thinking of ways to overcome this obstacle. I came up with a few good ideas and while I am experimenting with how to increase traffic to my site, I’m also keeping track of the number of visitors that visit my site on a daily basis.

Here’s a few helpful tips that can help you to become better organized while you are building backlinks for your site.

Create a spreadsheet document and list website names, addresses etc. Include important information about forums, blogs, social networks and other sites that you plan to become a member. Keep track of the dates that you made posts to forums, blogs, social networks and when you left comments on websites.

Next, develop a work schedule and refer to your lists often. Overtime, you will acquire an extensive database file. Keeping track of this information will help you to stay focused on your goals. You will be able to develop a creative work routine without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged from building backlinks for your site.


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Get Backlinks By Using Social Bookmarking Site

Many peoples want to create backlinks for their website contents for SEO process. And that’s where social bookmarking helps you!

Social bookmarking sites allow everybody to share anything they like or want to promote such as their own website without taking any charges! If you are looking for the fastest way to get backlinks to get a lot of traffic than social bookmarking is the way you are looking for. You can share your favorite articles for free and you can also use it for promoting your products or website with social bookmarking. If your content or product is liked by people, it spreads to their websites, blogs and then it starts to get in the higher position of search engines when someone search something related to your content.

Social bookmarking does not require too much things to start. In some social bookmarking sites, what you have to do is opening a profile, verifying your e-mail address. And once you are done verifying, you are all ready to do social bookmarking! You will get backlinks of your website contents in a really easy way! But you have to share it on the major and famous social bookmarking sites to get many backlinks pointing to your contents.

And once you are done registering in the entire major social bookmarking site, you can look for a shortcut way to do all the social bookmarking in just one click. And it’s possible as there are some plugins and sites available to make this social bookmarking job easier! Only wire is a website where you will be able to share your contents in all the major social bookmarking sites in just one click! There is another way to share your contents via social bookmarking which is share It.

The more you share your contents, the more you get backlinks of your website contents. By using ShareIt plugin, you will see a share it text under every post or content on your website. When you click on it, you will see all the famous social bookmarking sites to share it. People will be inspired to do social bookmarking of your articles. The more people share your contents, the more people come to your website. That’s why getting backlinks are necessary. It helps your content to get higher ranking in the search indexes, which makes you get traffic in your website.

When you are getting enough backlinks for your site just by doing an easy work like social bookmarking, why doing something else? It’s not easy to make backlinks online. But social bookmarking makes your work easier. So, what is wiser? Thinking of any other way and wasting time or go with the social bookmarking way which is a lot easier than any other way. Start doing social bookmarking to see the result for yourself. Create more and more backlinks and you might make it to the first page of google when someone searches something related to your content! Remember, nothing is impossible!

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Build Backlinks The Right Way With These Suggestions

Social media has taken center stage on the internet as of late. These days everyone is using social media sites, and anyone who doesn’t is considered odd. You probably already know that members of social media sites get to make a profile. You can use your profile to let other people know how you are and what you’re about, and it’s also a great place for a link. The trend nowadays is to use these profiles to garner a bunch of backlinks to your site.

Then, think about other sites that allow you to make profiles, as they too can be used for links. When you encounter websites like this, know that each backlink is worth a lot more than other backlinks. Doing this isn’t hard, you only need to register for these sites and then start on your profile. If you join enough of these sites, your backlinks will grow exponentially.

Some internet marketers ask other bloggers or site owners to add their links to those blogs, and that’s as easy as a simple email. Let’s say, for instance, that your business is search engine optimization. You could then reach out to other search engine optimization bloggers to see if they’d analyze what you’re offering. You might offer to split your profits with them in some manner. And, if you have an affiliate program, you’ll find that convincing them is a breeze since you’re already giving them some of your money. If you just know what to say, you’ll have no problem getting all those links to point back to your site.

Finally, but just as effectively, use press releases to gain backlinks. The only thing that you would have to do is product press releases and give distribute them on PRWeb and PRWire and see your backlinks multiply.

In closing, these tips are only a few of the many techniques that can get you loads of backlinks. As with anything, the longer you do it, the more you’ll learn about those other tips.

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Backlinks Are Still the Major Website Traffic Stream

Let’s start with this experiment.  Go to Google, Yahoo or MSN and type “get it here” in the search box. Note the results on the first result pages and try to deduce why the results came out what they are!

Being on the first page of results on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN for certain keywords is the purpose of every search engine optimization project. Being at the first page, will bring free organic traffic and of course more business and value to the website.  When optimizing for search engines, most optimizers concentrate on optimizing the website itself by enhancing titles, keywords, descriptions, image alts, page text and other factors that with no doubt are very important for any search engine optimization project. However, I noticed that webmasters get lazy when it comes to the most important factor that brings websites to the top of the search engine results.

At the time of writing this article, both Google and Yahoo returned in the first position for the “get it here” keyword. MSN returned the Adobe flash player page. The least amount of results was 354,000,000 search results.

When you go to either the adobe flash player page or the quick time player page and take notes from a search engine optimization prospective; “get it here” is not in the domain name, not in the title of the page, not in the keywords, not in the meta description, not in any alt of the images nor anywhere else in the pages text or html source code! Further, you can bet that you will get the same notes if you looked at all the web pages on the first result pages of Google, Yahoo or MSN.  The question is: how did these pages get to rank high in search engines in such a way in spite the fact that they are irrelevant and not optimized for that specific keyword?

The domain name, title, meta description, keywords, image alts and page text are all important seo factors but they are obviously not the answer. The major search engine optimization factor is backlinks.

Optimizing your website’s elements such as the keywords and your page texts is just the beginning. Those elements are important but they should only be considered as a preparation phase. The real work starts right after finishing this phase.

Adobe flash player and quick time is used by millions of users. You probably have encountered something similar to this sentence “This page requires flash player. If you do not have flash player installed get it here”. The “get it here” is a backlink to the flash player page. Millions of websites have a link to the Adobe flash player page with “get it here” for the text of the link and with no doubts that’s why adobe flash player is number one for the “get it here” keyword.

An important thing to notice here is that the benefit of having backlinks to a site is not only by bringing the website to the top of search engine results. A backlink also brings even more website traffic from clicks on that link. If you have paid for a pay per click marketing campaign, then you know how much a click is worth! Millions of users click the “get it here” link and go to the Adobe and QuickTime website at no cost to either! You do the math!

Backlinks are with no doubt your primary source of website traffic. Backlinks bring you to the top of search engine results. Backlinks establishes your website popularity. Traffic to your website is the value of your website, backlinks are what creates traffic and therefore, building backlinks should be on the top of your marketing campaign priorities to maximize the traffic and value of your website.

Backlinks are simply the links that you get to your website from other websites. If you do not have sufficient amount of links pointing to your website, you will keep striving and paying money to get a small portion of traffic that probably will not cover your expenses nor will it be worth the time you spend using other search engine optimization methods such as optimizing your website content. Even if you have the best website with the best content, if you do not have backlinks, you will not have any significant website traffic.

By: Hassan Sayed
Webmaster at a place for webmasters to find everything needed for a website. offers lots of website resources and tools and a complete webmaster resources directory Also offers, web design, website hosting, professional website templates, web directory, article directory webmaster resources and tools.

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